Final Trailer For ‘The Boys’ Delivers A Knockout Punch To Haley Joel Osment

When Marvel pulls something like they did over the weekend, literally mapping out the next two years of movies that millions will be obsessed with, it’s easy to forget that there’s edgier stuff out there that offers a different spin on the superhero genre. Like, if you want to see it get shit on in a hilarious way, you’ll want to check out Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s The Boys.

Based on the comic book series by Grant Morrison, The Boys takes a satirical look at superheroes and takes them down a peg. Or several. In this world, a team of vigilantes led by Karl Urban as Bill the Butcher, seek to take down celebrity heroes who have begun to abuse their powers. Expect lots of over-the-top violence and NSFW behavior. You’re not likely to see Haley Joel Osment getting decked by Urban in the next Marvel movie. Just sayin’.

Chace Crawford, Erin Moriarty,  Jennifer Esposito, Dominique McElligott, Elisabeth Shue, Laz Alonso, Jack Quaid, Karen Fukuhara, Jessie Usher, and Simon Pegg are part of an impressive ensemble that will be sticking around for season 2, as Amazon has already renewed the show.

Amazon will debut The Boys on July 26th.