Box Office: ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Nabs $580M Worldwide

1. Spider-Man: Far from Home (review)- $93.6M/$185M
An example of Marvel’s brilliance was in the post-Endgame promotional hype for Spider-Man: Far from Home, which opened on Tuesday and earned an amazing $185M over six days. With the big decade-long story essentially wrapped up, some thought audiences might drag on anything that may follow, finally giving in to the “superhero fatigue” that some have been predicting for like five years. So Marvel flipped the narrative, calling Far from Home an epilogue to Endgame that you must see to complete the story. Damn. That plan obviously worked, and not just here. A $580M haul is what’s been taken in already and with loads of good reviews and word-of-mouth (I saw it a second time this weekend, and the theater was packed), it’s almost a certainty to surpass Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s $881M total.
2. Toy Story 4– $34.3M/$306.5M
3. Yesterday– $10.7M/$36.8M
4. Annabelle Comes Home– $9.7M/$50.1M
5. Aladdin– $7.6M/$320.7M
6. Midsommar (review)- $6.5M/$10.9M
In a nice bit of counterprogramming, A24 dropped the creepy cult thriller/breakup movie Midsommar opposite Spider-Man: Far from Home. The followup film from Hereditary director Ari Aster arrived with a lot of buzz but only managed $10.9M since opening pre-4th of July. That’s not awful for the low-budget flick, coming in at less than Hereditary‘s $13M, and I have to think the reasons are three-fold. For one, it had a lot tougher competition as most families were going to see Spider-Man and not some weird horror set at a Swedish festival. The other is a total lack of star power, and finally I think a lot of people came away finding Hereditary overrated. So they decided to wait on Midsommar to see what the reaction would be, with middling reviews keeping many of them away.
7. The Secret Life of Pets 2– $4.7M/$140.7M
8. Men in Black International– $3.6M/$71.9M
9. Avengers: Endgame– $3.1M/$847.8M
10. Rocketman– $2.7M/$89.1M