Rumor: Marvel Plans ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot In 2022

There’s little reason to believe this rumor, but let’s put it out there just in case. Now that Marvel Studios has the Fantastic Four under their umbrella, we can expect some kind of reboot to happen in the future. Kevin Feige has said there won’t be any X-Men or Fantastic Four projects for at least five years, but a new rumor from GWW says the FF could be arriving a bit sooner.

The story goes that Marvel has eyed 2022 for a Fantastic Four reboot, and Ant-Man director Peyton Reed really wants the job. He’s talked quite a lot about wanting to make a movie about Marvel’s “First Family” of superheroes, and setting it in the 1960s. He mentioned it just last year when it became clear the Marvel/Fox deal was going to happen. 

Furthermore, it’s claimed that Feige plans to bring Marvel Studios to San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H where he could reveal more details.

That last part I’m actually hopeful of, but I have my doubts. Actually, I have doubts about the whole thing. 2022 is not that far away, and if Marvel is going to make that move it would need to start happening very soon. There are already three open dates for that year, and two of them will probably go to Captain Marvel and Guardians of the Galaxy sequels. I see adding Fantastic Four as too much of a disruption to the current plan, but maybe I’m wrong.

Also, I just don’t think that’s far enough away from Josh Trank’s disastrous Fantastic Four movie in 2015. A decade might be sufficient for audiences to have confidence in it again. I’m still traumatized by how bad it was.