‘Good Boys’ Trailer: Jacob Tremblay Leads A Pack Of Trouble-Making 6th Graders

Remember The Good Son? That 1993 film starred Macauley Culkin as a sadistic child who was most assuredly NOT good. While the randy kids in Good Boys aren’t trying to drown anybody like in that twisted thriller, they’re hardly what anybody would call innocent.

Room star and perpetual nice kid Jacob Tremblay stars as one of a trio of pre-adolescent boys on the verge of their first kissing party. And these being a bunch of uncool, vulgar, pre-pubescent dudes they’re eager to get some pointers by using a drone to spy on others, which of course goes horribly awry.

In case you didn’t notice Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s fingerprints all over this one, the duo are on board as producers, with a script by Year One writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, with the latter directing.

Also starring Brady Noon, Keith L. Williams, Will Forte, Midori Francis, Lil Rey Howery, and Molly Gordon, Good Boys opens August 16th.