DC Comics Antihero ‘Lobo’ Is Getting A TV Series On Syfy

Are people really watching Syfy’s Superman prequel series Krypton? They must be, because the network is taking that odd little corner of the DC Universe and expanding it with a spinoff focused on…Lobo?

The wildly over-the-top character was super popular in the ’90s as comics got more extreme. He’s making his Krypton debut in the series’ second season, which kicked off tonight, and already his own show is in the works from exec-producer/writer Cameron Welsh. The virtually indestructible alien bounty hunter began life as a villain but has morphed into a wise-cracking antihero over the years, and you know how those antiheroes tend to be right now. Ain’t that right, Deadpool?  It’s unclear if Emmett J. Scanlan, who will portray Lobo when he debuts on Krypton, will reprise the role.

For years there was talk of a Lobo movie that had Michael Bay attached and was even teased for Dwayne Johnson at one point. Obviously, that never happened and probably never will unless this turns out to be a gigantic success and Warner Bros. expands on the character.  My unfamiliarity with Krypton, given that I gave up on it after two episodes, doesn’t afford me a lot of insight into Syfy’s handling of DC’s superheroes. [Deadline]