Brad Pitt Blasts Off In First Trailer For James Gray’s ‘Ad Astra’

One of the year’s most anticipated films is also the most mysterious, but the veil is lifted now on James Gray’s sci-fi drama Ad Astra with an awe-inspiring new trailer. The film sets Brad Pitt off into deep space as a NASA astronaut who makes a dangerous journey through the stars to locate his missing father (played by Tommy Lee Jones), lost on a dangerous mission two decades earlier.

With the ambitious goal of “the most realistic depiction of space travel that’s been put in a movie”, Gray has taken his time in getting every detail just right. Originally set to open in January, and then again in May with hopes of a Cannes debut, more time was needed and now the film arrives in the fall where it becomes an instant awards contender. It’s no coincidence the timing is nearly identical to 2013’s Gravity which went on to win Best Picture.

With a score by Thomas Newman, cinematography by Interstellar‘s Hoyte van Hoytema, and a cast that includes Ruth Negga, Liv Tyler, Donald Sutherland, Jamie Kennedy, LisaGay Hamilton, and John Ortiz, Ad Astra looks to impress when it opens on September 20th.