The Doomsday Clock Counts Down In HBO’s New ‘Watchmen’ Teaser

Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen is arguably the most influential comic book ever published. If you’re going to adapt it, you better bring the damn goods. Zack Snyder gave it a go on the big screen and it turned out to be pretty divisive. Some dug the faithful translation, while others feel it was never meant to be seen in such a condensed fashion. HBO and Damon Lindelof may have the right idea with their upcoming Watchmen series, which is to take some of the core concepts and “remix” them into a new story.

HBO has dropped a new teaser for Watchmen which offers the best look yet. There are aspects that look familiar, but are noticeably changed. An army of soldiers are geared up for war wearing Rorschach masks, while the police wear yellow masks of their own. Jeremy Irons is seen looking quite meditative as an older version of Ozymandias, and we also get our first glimpse at Regina King as new character Angela Abraham.

In this world where superheroes are treated as outlaws, the seconds of the Doomsday Clock can be heard ticking down. Some things never change.

Also starring Don Johnson, Jean Smart, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr., Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Hong Chau, Andrew Howard, and Frances Fisher, Watchmen debuts on HBO this fall.