James Gray To Direct ’80s New York Drama ‘Armageddon Time’

James Gray wasn’t able to complete his highly-anticipated sci-fi film Ad Astra in time for Cannes, but he’s already looking forward to what comes next. Gray has lined up the indie drama Armageddon Time, which he will write and direct for RT Features.

Gray’s film sounds like it could be autobiographical in nature, as it takes place in his hometown of Queen, NY in the 1980s and is described as “intimate” and similar to a memoir. Variety adds that it will include Donald Trump and his father Fred Trump as supporting characters. Before you think this is some political hitpiece, know that Grey and the younger Trump are both alumnus of Kew-Forest School and that’s probably where the ties come in.

But first, Grey needs to finish up Ad Astra which stars Brad Pitt and opens this September. The press release says Grey will shoot I Am Pilgrim next, but with casting on Armageddon Time underway and an early 2020 start date pegged, it’s hard to believe that to be the case.