With ‘X-Force’ In Doubt, Drew Goddard Takes On ‘Sabrina’ Graphic Novel Adaptation

Drew Goddard has found himself attached to numerous comic book projects over the years, most of which have gone down in flames. There was the Secret Six project he was going to do for Sony, along with the Daredevil series he eventually withdrew from, and he was initially going to direct Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming before that went to Jon Watts. Most recently he’s been attached to helm the Deadpool spinoff, X-Force, but with that film now in limbo he’s taking on a very different comic book movie.

Deadline reports Goddard will write and possibly direct Sabrina, an adaptation of Nick Drnasco’s acclaimed graphic novel. Tapping into our current culture where conspiracy theory passes for real news, the story follows Teddy, whose girlfriend Sabrina is brutally murdered. After Teddy goes to live with his friend Calvin, a video goes viral showing Sabrina’s death, and suddenly Teddy and the people around him become the target of conspiracy theorists who believe they are all crisis actors.

No word on a start date, but this obviously creates doubt that an X-Force movie is happening anytime soon. Goddard, whose script for The Martian earned an Oscar nomination, has been attached to X-Force for a while and it seemed like one of the few Fox projects that may survive the acquisition by Disney. It still might, but Goddard could be too busy to have anything to do with it. Goddard most recently directed Bad Times at the El Royale.