‘The Perfection’ Trailer: Allison Williams Composes Twisted Erotic Thrills

One of the buzziest films to emerge from Fantastic Fest was Richard Shepard’s secretive erotic thriller, The Perfection. Netflix quickly swooped it in to acquire it after the world premiere which saw audiences floored by its topsy-turvy narrative and surprise final twist. What’s clear about this new trailer is that all of the film’s secrets are being kept at bay in favor of the wildest, weirdest, and most grotesque aspects.

Get Out‘s Allison Williams and Dear White People‘s Logan Browning star in the film about rival cello prodigies in Shanghai. As evidenced by Browning’s character screaming “I’m dying!” to a bemused Williams before vomiting up a bunch of larvae, clearly there’s a lot of nastiness going on here. It’s just unclear how it all fits into the relationship between these two women, whose trustworthiness is constantly in question.

Netflix will debut The Perfection on May 24th.