Elisabeth Moss In Talks For Blumhouse’s ‘The Invisible Man’

Shocker!!! The toxic Johnny Depp has lost another gig, this time The Invisible Man, which you might recall he was going to star in for Universal and was seen as part of this “group” shot of the so-called Dark Universe cast.

Yeah, that’s no longer a thing. Fortunately, Blumhouse swept in and teamed with Universal on a new Invisible Man flick, and they’re aiming to have Elisabeth Moss star.  What we don’t know is the role she’d play, but the possibility exists they’ll do some kind of gender-flipped take on the classic Universal Monsters story.

What we do know is that Leigh Whannell, one of the creators of Saw and director of the underrated Upgrade, will be at the helm. He and Blumhouse share a similar low-budget/high reward philosophy and should be able to bring that to Invisible Man no matter who takes on the titular role.

Next up for Moss are Jordan Peele’s horror film, Us, and Alex Ross Perry’s punk drama Her Smell.