Box Office: ‘Glass’ Outscores ‘Miss Bala’ On A Quiet Super Bowl Weekend

1. Glass– $9.5M/$88.6M
M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass held strong for the third week in a row scoring $9.5M to win a very quiet Super Bowl weekend. That gives the anticipated film $88.6M domestic and $198M worldwide. It’s still got a ways to go to top Split‘s $278M haul and Unbreakable‘s $248M, but it has a good shot at beating both.
2. The Upside– $8.8M/$75.5M
3. Miss Bala (review)- $6.7M
That Miss Bala didn’t perform well this week, only earning $6.7M, isn’t shocking considering this weekend historically has always been a box office bummer unless you’re Liam Neeson starring in Taken. The action-thriller and remake to the excellent 2011 Mexican film stars Gina Rodriguez as a woman who gets caught in the middle of a war between a drug cartel and the DEA. Rodriguez is a great actress and having seen it last night, I felt she really made the most of this rare opportunity for a Mexican woman to lead this sort of film stateside. But the reviews were generally pretty bad, there was no heat behind it, and so the disappointing results aren’t a surprise.
4. Aquaman– $4.7M/$323.5M
5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse– $4.4M/$175.2M
6. Green Book– $4.3M/$55.8M
7. The Kid Who Would Be King– $4.2M/$13.1M
Oof. Joe Cornish’s big comeback film, the well-received adventure The Kid Who Would Be King, had a solid hold in earning $4.2M, but it’s not enough to save this $60M dud.
8. A Dog’s Way Home– $3.5M/$35.9M
9. Escape Room– $2.9M/$52M
10. They Shall Not Grow Old– $2.4M/$10.7M
Peter Jackson’s acclaimed WWI documentary They Shall Not Grow Old has technically been out for seven weeks playing at a variety of special event screenings where it earned over $8M. It breaks into the top 10 in its first week of formal release in 735 theatres, earning an excellent $2.4M.