Matt Reeves Could Begin Shooting ‘The Batman’ Later This Year

I’ll file this under “believe it when I see it.”  According to THR‘s Borys Kit, Matt Reeves’ The Batman could begin filming this November. This despite no official word on the status of Ben Affleck or…well, pretty much anything.

Kit says, “The script is basically in, although Reeves will continue tweaking it and working on it. And I’m hearing the studio wants to start shooting in November. So let’s say between now and then?

Again, take this with a heavy dose of salt. The Batman has been in the works for a few years, ever since Affleck was supposed to write, direct, and star in it himself. But he really fell out of favor with Warner Bros. after the creative failure of Batman v Superman and that bootlegging drama I can never remember the title of, Live by Night.   Affleck stepped aside from the director’s chair, and rumors began swirling he was being shown the door from the DCEU. Reeves took over, wrote a new script, and by all appearances his film will center on a younger Batman, which leaves little room for Affleck’s involvement.

So we’ll see, but it’s hard to take anything seriously until there’s an official word from Warner Bros. There may not even be a need for The Batman as the focus has shifted to Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, and Aquaman. That may sound crazy, but it hasn’t been Superman or Batman that have kept the DCEU afloat.