‘Glass’ Doesn’t Break In It’s Second Week, Newcomers ‘The Kid Who Would Be King’ and ‘Serenity’ Don’t Make the Top 3

1. Glass (review)- $19M/$73.5M
Bolstered in it’s first week by the international box office Glass still suffers a near 60% drop in box office receipts but manages a respectable $73 million dollar gross domestically in 2 weeks. With a reported budget of only $20 million that makes Shyamalan’s latest a qualified success.
2. The Upside– $12.2M/$63.9M
3. Aquaman– $7.3M/$316.5M
Climbing a spot back into the top 3, the DCEU’s most profitable film just won’t sink. And thank God for that, I have so many water based puns stored up that I need to use….I’m drowning in them!
4. The Kid Who Would be King (Review)– $7.2M
Joe Cornish’s delightful family film may have evoked feelings of 80’s Amblin goodness, but it wasn’t enough to evoke those Amblin box office numbers. A shame too, there just aren’t any live-action adventure stories for kids these days and with receptions like this it’s hard to argue that there should be more.
5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse– $6.1M/$169M
6. Green Book– $5.4M/$49M
If you ever wondered if awards nominations really helped a film look no further then Green Book on the heels of the Oscar nominations the movie had a 150% jump in it’s box office from last week landing it just outside of the top 5
7. A Dog’s Way Home– $5.2M/$30.8M
8. Serenity (Review)- $5.24M/$158.7M
I’m sure there are some intellectual types out there who will throw laurels upon Serenity‘s out there concepts and twists but, to be honest, it’s getting exactly what it deserved. They can’t all be winners Mr. McConaughey
9. Escape Room– $4.2M/$47.9M
10. Dragon Ball Super: Broly– $3.6M/$28.9M
I’m not going to pretend that I know what this is about, never been much of an anime guy. That’s not a knock, I just don’t get it. But with a 60%+ drop from last week dropping this from #3 to #10 it would appear everyone that wanted to see it went opening weekend.