‘Berlin, I Love You’ Trailer: Because New York, Paris, And Rio Didn’t Do The Trick

If you couldn’t find love in Paris, New York, or Rio, what makes you think Berlin will do the trick? Yes, the folks behind those “hip” romance anthologies Paris, je t’aime, New York, I Love You, and Rio, I Love You are back with another star-studded ode to falling in love. Berlin, I Love You features a veritable who’s who of international stars and directors, in a movie that will inevitably be just alright, because anthologies are almost never great.

Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Luke Wilson, Mickey Rourke, Jenna Dewan, Diego Luna, Jim Sturgess, Nolan Funk, Charlotte Le Bon, Iwan Rheon, and Dianna Agron are just some of the stars who gathered to be part of this extended travel ad for the city of Berlin. Let’s be real, that’s what these movies are, right? Anyway, the filmmakers involved include Peter Chelsom, Claus Clausen, Fernando Eimbcke, Justin Franklin, Dennis Gansel, Dani Levy, Daniel Lwowski, Stephanie Martin, Josef Rusnak, Til Schweiger, Massy Tadjedin, and Agron who is pulling double-duty.

I was quite a fan of Paris, je t’aime but the quality on these movies has been sliding ever since. When I think of romance I don’t necessarily think of Berlin, though, so they’ve got a lot of ground to make up with me already.  Berlin, I Love You hits theaters and VOD on February 8th.