‘The Intruder’ Trailer: Dennis Quaid Terrorizes Michael Ealy And Meagan Good

Screen Gems has all but cornered the market on low-budget domestic thrillers, particularly ones that skew towards the African-American audience. Scoring solid box office with low-cost films such as Obsessed (A personal favorite; Ali Larter FTW!!), When the Bough Breaks, The Perfect Guy, No Good Deed, and more, it’s no surprise they’re also the home for The Intruder, which finds Dennis Quaid going psycho on a pair of new homeowners.

The homeowners in this case are Michael Ealy and Meagan Good, both familiar faces on the Screen Gems roster. Quaid comes into the picture as the home’s previous owner, who has grown way too attached to just let it go. The film is directed by Deon Taylor, who last directed Halle Berry in Traffik and Mike Epps in Meet the Blacks. Um…make of that resume what you will.
On a different note, what the Hell is Dennis Quaid doing in this? I feel like he’s slowly creeping down into Nicolas Cage/Bruce Willis territory but he’s not a big enough name to command the kind of shitty movies they get. It’s ironic because he’s considered such a respectable actor that he’s still pursued by major studios, except they want to put him in shit like this.  While I liked him well enough in Kin, it was a bit role (That in itself says something), and he hasn’t done a really good film since 2012’s Truth
The Intruder hits theaters on April 29th 2019, and it’ll probably make between $60M-$75M and be a modest hit.