‘Piercing’ Trailer: Mia Wasikowska Is No Easy Prey

Nicolas Pesce has a thing for people with an uncontrollable need to kill. He made his breakout debut at Sundance a couple of years ago with his disturbing horror, The Eyes of My Mother, about a woman who learns early on how to get her murderous thrills. And now Pesce is back with Piercing, which also debuted in Park City and centers on a different homicidal maniac, only this one gets more than he bargained for.

Christopher Abbott of James White and Girls fame, stars as a husband and father who leaves his family on what he claims is a business trip, but really he’s going to a hotel where he can hire an unsuspecting prostitute and murder her. Unfortunately for him, the escort he calls, played by Mia Wasikowska, has a different idea in mind.

So this could be a classic “flipping of the tables” flick, with the woman getting the upper hand on a male predator, but under Pesce’s guidance, something tells me it isn’t so simple. Piercing hits theaters and VOD on February 1st 2019.