Marvel Could Have A Rocket And Groot Miniseries In The Works

As we’re hearing less about big screen Star Wars and Marvel projects, the focus does seem to have shifted to Disney+, the streaming subscription plan expected to drop next year. On the Marvel side we’ve learned about a number of potential shows featuring popular Avengers, but could it also be a way to keep some focus on the Guardians of the Galaxy as the future of Vol. 3 hangs in limbo?

Take this with a grain of salt considering the source is That Hashtag Show, but the new rumor is of a miniseries centered on the duo Rocket and Groot (voiced by Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel), who are undoubtedly the breakout characters of Marvel’s hit franchise. Part of me sees this as a no-brainer that something like this would get pitched to Marvel prez Kevin Feige. They’re two of Marvel’s most unique characters, both on a personality and visual level, and they have a certain all-ages appeal that Disney would love to capitalize on. 
We’ve seen the relationship between Rocket and Groot evolve over time, as well. Initially just a pair of disagreeable bounty hunting buddies, after Groot’s death and subsequent “rebirth” we’ve seen Rocket take on more of a father-figure role. How they interact should keep changing as Groot matures. 
If it’s true that Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 won’t arrive until 2021 at the soonest, this would be a good way to keep that corner of the MCU prominent in the meantime.  
So far the only confirmed Marvel series will feature the return of Tom Hiddleston as Loki. Others rumored to be in the works include a Scarlet Witch and Vision series, plus a teamup following Falcon and Winter Soldier. 


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