Guillermo Del Toro’s Stop-Motion ‘Pinocchio’ Has Found A Home At Netflix

It’s funny how things come full circle, sometimes it just takes a few years. Guillermo Del Toro has always had a stack of potential projects a mile high, and one that he has wanted to get moving on for years is Pinocchio. Years ago he set a stop-motion take on the fairy tale in motion with plans to direct, with concept art developed for what would’ve been his followup to Hellboy II. But Del Toro canceled it because he said no studio was willing to finance his ambition. Well, times have changed and money is not something that has been an obstacle for Netflix, who have now come to the film’s rescue.

THR reports Del Toro will write, direct, and produce a stop-motion version of Pinocchio for Netflix, who he’s worked with on the animated Trollhunters series.  On board the film are the same folks who have long been attached: Adventure Time writer Patrick McHale and co-director Mark Gustafson, known for his work on Fantastic Mr. Fox. Sadly, it doesn’t look as if Nick Cave is still doing the music.

Now it’ll be a race to see if Del Toro can beat out Disney as they have their own Pinocchio movie in the works. Of course they do.