Drew Goddard Gives A Worrying Update On ‘X-Force’

As I said in my review of Drew Goddard’s new film Bad Times at the El Royale, “we can only hope there are bad times in store for Marvel’s merry mutants.” Goddard has been attached to an X-Force movie for a while now, but as far as actual updates on it go there haven’t been many. And now speaking with Fandango, the director does give one…except, well, it isn’t really one because there isn’t really one to give.

“There’s no real update to be honest. I tend to focus very intensely on one movie at a time. We’re just sort of finishing ‘Bad Times’ now, Ryan [Reynolds] is off shooting a movie and everyone sort of scattered, like dandelions to the wind. I think as we finish this up, we’ll all get together and start hammering out what we want to do next, but there’s no real update at this point.”

Some of that is to be expected. Goddard has been busy with El Royale while Reynolds is off shooting Michael Bay’s 6 Underground. Without the Deadpool actor and Goddard around there wasn’t going to be much movement on X-Force, anyway. But it also sounds like Goddard is a little uncertain about the future with Disney’s acquisition of Fox looming. Any decisions regarding the X-Men movies are going to be out of his control

That said, Goddard says he and Reynolds are down whenever they get a full go.

“I can’t imagine there’s going to be a world where there aren’t more ‘Deadpool’ movies because, boy, Ryan Reynolds is extraordinary, and so, we’ll just see.”

Goddard’s Bad Times at the El Royale opens this weekend, while you can see Reynolds’ Deadpool in a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2 in theaters this Christmas.