‘Burning’ Trailer: Steven Yeun Leads South Korea’s Best Foreign Language Oscar Entry

Fans of The Walking Dead who have been missing the presence of Steven Yeun, I hope you’ve been paying attention to his film career. From roles in Okja, Mayhem, and Sorry to Bother You, he’s making some fantastic choices, and soon we could see Yeun take the stage as an Oscar winner for director Lee Chang-dong’s Cannes favorite, Burning.

Officially named South Korea’s entry for Best Foreign Language film, Burning was seen as the frontrunner to win Cannes’ Palme d’Or, but ended up losing to Hirokazu Koreeda’s Shoplifters. If selected for the Oscars it will be the first South Korean film ever to be nominated, so the global spotlight is going to be on this one. Yeun stars alongside Yoo Ah-in and Jun Jong-seo in the story of Jong-su, a delivery boy who desires a romantic relationship with his friend Hae-mi, but when she returns from vacation on the arm of the wealthy Ben (Yeun), the dynamic changes. Tensions are raised when Hae-mi mysteriously disappears, and Jong-su begins to suspect Ben’s involvement.

Burning hits theaters on October 29th.