Kevin Hart, Don Cheadle, And Lil Rey Howery Eye Jockey Comedy ‘Black Stallions’ At Netflix

Netflix is on the verge of yet another huge acquisition, one that will bring Kevin Hart into the fold. The streaming service is close to landing the comedy Black Stallions, which will feature Hart in a supporting role alongside leads Don Cheadle and Get Out‘s Lil Rey Howery.

The script is by Jay Longino, who recently directed Howery in the surprise hit comedy, Uncle Drew. The story for Black Stallions will follow two brothers, played by Howery and Cheadle, who are also rival jockeys. Hart’s role is being described by Deadline as “showy”, but doesn’t sound like it will be a lead.

Clearly this is still very early on as no director has been named and deals on the cast are being worked out. Next up for Hart is Night School opposite Tiffany Haddish. Howery is coming off the success of Uncle Drew, and the Cheadle recently reprised his War Machine role in Avengers: Infinity War.