‘Shazam!’ May Play Big Role In DCEU, Zachary Levi Would “Lose All Of The Sh*ts” To Join Justice League

What the future holds for the DCEU is going to depend a lot on what happens over the next few days. One of the films Warner Bros. is relying on heavily is Shazam!, which will be part of the big Hall H presentation this weekend along with Wonder Woman 1984, Aquaman, and hopefully Birds of Prey.

Shazam producer Peter Safran was asked if there was a chance of seeing the superhero alongside other DCEU heroes, perhaps even in a Justice League sequel, and his response to EW leaves that door open…

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see Shazam play a role in the DCU,” Safran said. “He exists in that world.”

Keep in mind just how badly Justice League did last year, okay? The chances of a sequel are small, but I think Warner Bros. would be foolish to not give it another shot, especially with a new wave of heroes making up the team.  And if that happens, star Zachary Levi is already pumped at the idea of Shazam mingling with the Justice Leaguers…

“I would lose my shit if that happened, I would lose all of the shits,” Levi said. “I remember thinking, ‘If I get this and if this movie does well enough and if ‘Justice League’ does well enough and they make another ‘Justice League’…maybe I’ll be on that next poster with all those guys.”

Shazam! opens April 5th 2019.