Kevin Smith Talks ‘Jay And Silent Bob Reboot’, Confirms Start Date And Celebrity Cameos

For another year I skipped Kevin Smith’s annual Hall H chat at Comic-Con because there are just more entertaining options out there. Like sleeping.  This time he came with actual updates on his Jay and Silent Bob Reboot movie, including when he plans to start production and the guests he expects to appear.

Smith said he plans to start shooting in November, with the story sending Jay and his hetero lifemate Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Smith himself in case you don’t know) on another daffy road trip to stop a reboot of the Bluntman & Chronic movie they interfered with in the 2001 film. Given his work directing episodes of CW’s The Flash, it shouldn’t be a surprise Smith names Grant Gustin, Carlos Valdes, and Tom Cavanagh
as likely cameos.  The first movie had dozen of huge celebrities appear, so many I doubt Smith can come close to matching up.

Hopefully all of this means we will see Jay and Silent Bob Reboot sometime in 2019. [Comingsoon]