The Internet Isn’t Happy With ‘Thundercats Roar’, But I Don’t Really Care

Normally, learning of a new Thundercats cartoon would send me soaring through the roof with excitement. But not so with Cartoon Networks’ Thundercats Roar, which fans of the classic ’80s cartoon clawing out their eyes in anger. Me, I’m content to just pretend it doesn’t exist.

Thundercats debuted in 1985 and centered on Lion-O, Panthro, Tigra, Cheetara, and other feline humanoids as they did battle against the ancient evil Mumm-ra. Lion-O had in his possession the Sword of Omens, which grants the Thundercats their power. Even for a kids’ cartoon it was pretty dark and serious, and the animation reflected its tone.

Thundercats Roar, on the other hand, looks like something the creators of Powerpuff Girls shit out during a sleepover. Frankly, it ain’t for me and I won’t be watching. But you can imagine the Internet is in an uproar over it. You can find a pretty good collection of angry tweets here. Mine won’t be one of them. I simply don’t care, and recognize that the version I want to see can be found elsewhere. This one ain’t for me.

The Thundercats I remember, the cartoon that inspired me to collect the toys as a child and their Pop! Vinyl figures as an adult, still exist. I can watch it whenever I want to, or read the comic books which are done in the style of the original cartoon. That’s good enough for me.

For others, Thundercats Roar arrives in 2019. Enjoy.