Marvel Rumored To Be Announcing An ‘Eternals’ Movie Soon

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe speeds ahead into its next phase we’re seeing that universe expand further into deep space. The Guardians of the Galaxy got it started, Thor: Ragnarok took another step, and Captain Marvel should do the same considering her alien origin. Since it became clear this was the direction Marvel was heading there have been rumors of a movie centered on the cosmic beings known as the Eternals, and now Bleeding Cool says it will be announced “imminently”.

They note a very reliable source who gave them the information, saying Marvel has already been meeting with writers about the film. It’s not completely unexpected; Thor: Ragnarok‘s visuals relied heavily on the Eternals designs used by creator Jack “King” Kirby, the comic book legend who created the New Gods, a similar bunch of characters about to get a movie at Warner Bros. When Kirby left DC Comics he brought some of those New Gods concepts to Marvel to create the Eternals.

But there’s another reason why now is a good time for an Eternals film. One of their number includes the mad villain Thanos, who will be wrecking shop in Avengers: Infinity War later this month.  The Eternals are an immortal race of beings created by the alien Celestials to be defenders of Earth. This places them at odds with their warmongering counterparts, the Deviants. 

Take this with a grain of salt, of course, but an Eternals movie would make sense. If it’s going to happen I expect an official reveal would be made at Comic-Con in a couple of months.