‘Annabelle 3’ Coming Next Year, ‘It’ Co-Writer To Direct

The Annabelle franchise has now surpassed the franchise it spunoff from. While development on a third Conjuring film are still in the earliest stages, Warner Bros. has now confirmed Annabelle 3  is in the works. The first of the low-budget horrors earned $84M while its sequel/prequel, Annabelle: Creation, earned $102M. 

James Wan will continue on as producer, but it’s the directorial debut of Gary Dauberman that is the interesting news here. Dauberman wrote both of the previous Annabelle movies, while also co-writing the script for last year’s smash horror, It, and the upcoming sequel It: Chapter Two. Whether he can carryover that success behind the camera is what we’re all going to find out. He’s also writing another  Conjuring spinoff, The Nun, which opens this September. 
Annabelle 3 has been set for July 3rd 2019.