*Update* Adam Sandler Confirmed For The Safdie Brothers’ ‘Uncut Gems’

*UPDATE* It’s official. Deadline reports Adam Sandler has been officially cast in Uncut Gems, the followup film from Good Time directors the Safdie Brothers. The report doesn’t mention the previously-cast Jonah Hill, so we can probably assume Sandler has replaced him as suspected. You can read the original story below.

Is trading Jonah Hill for Adam Sandler a lateral move or what? We may be about to find out, because buried in yesterday’s report of Sandler’s new comedy with Jennifer Aniston was the suggestion he may replace Hill in the Safdie Brothers’ followup to Good Time.

Titled Uncut Gems, the project already has Martin Scorsese backing it as a producer, and is set in the corrupt world of New York City’s diamond district. Hill would be taking the lead role unless Sandler replaces him. The Safdies will direct and co-wrote the script with regular collaborator Ronald Bronstein.

Sandler’s starting to get a little unpredictable lately, going from his silly (and awful) comedies to The Meyerowitz Stories and possibly working with the Safdies.  We could be looking at an interesting new phase of his career.


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