‘Venom’: Tom Hardy Kills Those “Asinine” Rumors Venom Won’t Even Appear

Sony’s upcoming Venom movie has been the source of confusion for a lot of people, including yours truly. Is it part of the MCU? What about Spider-Man? Is he showing up or what? To be fair, even Sony execs didn’t seem to know what they were talking about for a while. But a recent rumor has really started to take hold, and it’s that we may not even see the Venom symbiote in the movie because, well, there’s no Spider-Man for it to model itself after. Makes sense. Kinda.

Well, star Tom Hardy thinks that rumor is stupid and took to Instagram to kill that noise in the only way he knows how: aggressively, calling the stories “asinine” while showing a creepy “Face Eater” logo.

Hardy’s firm rebuke aside, I still think the Venom symbiote is only going to emerge when least expected. Everything about this movie feels like a non-traditional superhero story with horror elements, and showing too much of the alien would be detrimental. We shall see.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, Venom opens October 5th.


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