‘Sadie’ Trailer: A Teen Won’t Let Melanie Lynskey Break Up Their Family

A good rule of thumb is if Melanie Lynskey is in it and it’s playing at a festival, make time room on your schedule. At SXSW the indie darling will appear in the new thriller, Sadie, from writer/director Megan Griffiths (Eden), and this teaser suggests a film that’s poised for a breakout.

We’ve seen a lot of movies about the effect military life can have on a household (Last Flag Flying, Foxtrot), but Sadie takes it a different route. Newcomer  Sophia Mitri Schloss plays Sadie, a teen whose father is constantly away on military leave, and she just wants her family to stay together. But while he’s away, her mother (Lynskey) will play, and the teen does whatever it takes to drive away the new man (John Gallagher Jr.) in her mother’s life.

It’s an effective tease because I’m curious to see how far Sadie goes, and what happens when/if her father returns. Sadie also stars Tony Hale, Orange is the New Black‘s Danielle Brooks, and Keith Williams.