Jake Gyllenhaal & Dan Gilroy’s Art World Thriller Has An Amazing Ensemble

Jake Gyllenhaal has been on a roll for a few years now, but I think the highlight of his current run has to be Nightcrawler. The usually-buff actor transformed himself to become the gaunt, ravenous shock journalist in Dan Gilroy’s thriller which earned him a Best Actor nomination, and so it was pretty great to learn that they would be teaming up again. While it won’t be a sequel (Boooo!), the cast being put together more than makes up for that.

Gyllenhaal will be joined by Nightcrawler co-star (and Gilroy’s wife) Rene Russo, along with  Zawe Ashton, Stranger Things’ Natalia Dyer, Tom Sturridge, Daveed Diggs, Toni Collette, and John Malkovich for a horror/thriller at Netflix.  Titled Velvet Buzzsaw, the story is set in the art world and follows “big-money artists and mega-collectors who pay a high price when art collides with commerce.” I’m most excited to see what Diggs’ part is in all of this. He’s been red hot lately following the breakout debut of Blindspotting at Sundance.  Overall this cast boasts a lot of Oscar, Tony, and Emmy nominees.

While I’m not excited to have this at Netflix, because that means the film will either underwhelm or be forgotten the next day, this is a great collection of talent that will be worth watching no matter how it’s released. Velvet Buzzsaw is in production now and should be released later this year.