‘Thoroughbreds’ Trailer: Anya Taylor-Joy And Olivia Cooke Plot A Murder

Wealth, boredom, and destructive tendencies coalesce into murderous rage in Thoroughbreds, the new dark comedy that boasts the starring duo of Olivia Cooke and Anya Taylor-Joy.  Written and directed by Cory Finley, the film debuted at Sundance last year to strong reviews, and features one of the final performances by Anton Yelchin.

Finley also wrote the script, which follows childhood friends who reconnect in suburban Connecticut, and set out on a plan to kill one’s stepfather. Indirectly, of course.  Here’s the synopsis:

Childhood friends Lily and Amanda reconnect in suburban Connecticut after years of growing apart. Lily has turned into a polished, upper class teenager, with a fancy boarding school on her transcript and a coveted internship on her resume; Amanda has developed a sharp wit and her own particular attitude, but all in the process of becoming a social outcast. Though they initially seem completely at odds, the pair bond over Lily’s contempt for her oppressive stepfather, Mark, and as their friendship grows, they begin to bring out one another’s most destructive tendencies. Their ambitions lead them to hire a local hustler, Tim, and take matters into their own hands to set their lives straight.

I’ve regretted missing this for over a year now and can’t wait to finally catch up with it. Thoroughbreds opens March 23rd.