Superman’s Black Suit Revealed In ‘Justice League’ Deleted Scene

Despite all of the politicking by a certain segment of Zack Snyder fans out there, chances are we’ll never the director’s full vision for Justice League. Before he left and Joss Whedon stepped in for a bunch of extensive reshoots, rumors were everywhere that we’d see Superman’s black suit, just as he wore in the comics for a while after his rebirth. Obviously, that didn’t happen. I mean, Justice League had its issues, but it wasn’t so flawed the black suit appeared and none of us could find it.

Well, we now know for a fact that at least one version of the movie had the black super-suit in it. A newly-released deleted scene shows Henry Cavill’s Superman, freshly resurrected after his death in Batman v Superman, trying to clear his head by walking through his Kryptonian ship. And what do we see in the background? Yep, the black costume.

It’s not much of a scene, otherwise. I can see why it would be cut since it’s kind of a drag. That said, maybe we’ll see more of it in the home video release.  We’ve known from cinematographer Fabian Wagner that multiple scenes with the black costume had been filmed, although it’s unclear if they were ever intended to be part of the theatrical cut. Doesn’t really matter in the end, does it?

We’ll see if there’s more to this when Justice League hits Blu-Ray on March 13th. The digital version arrives in two days.