Michael Bay Might Direct DC’s ‘Lobo’ Movie

The rise of the antiheroes is here. I made reference to it in today’s earlier post about the Venom trailer, but now DC Comics’ Lobo, another comic book character who rose to prominence during the antihero era may be getting his crack at the big screen, with a surprising choice to possibly direct it.

According to The Wrap Michael Bay is in talks to direct Lobo, based on the chain-smoking intergalactic bounty hunter frequently compared to Wolverine. Bay seems pretty deeply involved in this, too, as his participation depends on the script by Jason Fuchs, who previously wrote Wonder Woman and…Pan.  The director has gone so far as to provide Fuchs with some notes to help out with the screenplay. No truth to the rumor his points in the margins read, “More ‘splosions and hawt babes!”
So we’ll see where this goes because Warner Bros. has been trying to make a Lobo movie for years, long preceding the current DC Films cinematic universe. The closest it came was with Dwayne Johnson as the character and San Andreas director Brad Peyton behind the camera. Imagine if that had come together how different the DCEU could be right now.