‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Super Bowl Spot: The Avengers Assemble For Their Greatest Test

While we’re all on pins and needles waiting for Black Panther, don’t forget that right around the corner is Avengers: Infinity War, the film that brings to a head a decade’s worth of stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a big deal, and Marvel is playing cautious to prevent leaks of the story. In fact, they’ve gone so far as to have fake scenes written into the script.

How do we know? Paul Bettany, who plays Vision, revealed to Total Film [via ScreenGeek] that his script had whole scenes in it that were bogus, just to throw newshounds off the scent…

“When I read the script, there were fake scenes in it, I got the directors on the phone and they walked me through what were the fake scenes. They’d had three leaks already, so they’d written a script with lots of fake scenes. There were three Hero iPads that had the only real scripts on them.”

Crazy, right? Hopefully all of those set photos sites have been leaking for months will amount to nothing.

Tonight’s Super Bowl spot for Avengers: Infinity War reveals some new footage that clearly wasn’t fake, including what looks to be Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange’s first foray into space. Or maybe they’re just on board Thanos’ ship. We also see Captain America, or the Nomad version of him, with a new shield-type weapon, probably designed by Black Panther and the geniuses in Wakanda. I guess we’ll find out when the film hits on May 4th. Here’s the synopsis followed by the teaser:

As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality. Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment – the fate of Earth and existence itself has never been more uncertain.