Sony’s ‘Men In Black’ Spinoff Is Still Happening And Has A New Date

Sony has been a bit lost on what to do with their Men in Black franchise, which remains one of their most popular and evergreen brands. After Men in Black III hit an impressive $640M, but didn’t exactly get people excite for another, they considered spinoffs with a female-led team and even a crossover with 21 Jump Street. They all seem to be off the table, but some kind of spinoff remains and it has a new release date.

The untitled Men in Black spinoff has been moved to June 14th 2019, about a month later than its previous date. Absolutely nothing is known about what the film will be, but we know it’ll have a script by Iron Man duo Art Marcum and Matt Holloway.

The film still doesn’t hae a director, nor will it see the return of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. Is anybody excited for Men in Black without the guys that audiences loved in the first place?