‘Overboard’ Trailer: Anna Faris Remakes The Goldie Hawn Amnesia Comedy

Geezus didn’t they announce this remake of Overboard like five minutes ago? I remember a few years ago there was a push to basically turn Anna Faris into the new Goldie Hawn, but it wasn’t until last March when she was confirmed to lead a remake of Hawn’s 1987 amnesia comedy that those plans took tangible shape. And now…well, the trailer for it is already here and I’ll stick with the original, thank you.

There’s a gender swapping deal going on with this version, as Mexican superstar Eugenio Derbez (How to be a Latin Lover) plays the rich, self-absorbed yacht owner who falls, gets amnesia, and is convinced by Faris’ poor carpet cleaner that they are actually married. I mean “poor” which in this movie looks like working class, but…oh yeah, in this country the working class are considered poor. My bad! It’s more timely than I’m giving it credit for being.

Anyway, if watching Derbez work three jobs and pretend to be daddy to a bunch of kids that look nothing like him is your thing, then have at it. This premise worked back in the ’80s but it also had the benefit of the chemistry between Hawn and Kurt Russell, which clearly this film doesn’t. If there’s an upside it’s Faris, who is always a treat to watch.

Overboard opens on April 20th 2018.