Dave Bautista To Star In Action-Comedy ‘Stuber’ From The Director Of ‘Goon’

It’s crazy to be a fan of both movies and wrestling right now, and seeing so many WWE superstars not just acting consistently, but excelling on the big screen. Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, and Dave Bautista are killin’ the game right now, and all of them have multiple projects coming that guarantee they won’t be in the ring any time soon. In the case of Bautista, he’s got Avengers: Infinity War,  Avengers 4, and Escape Plan 2 coming up, but he’s also added a new action flick to his schedule.

Deadline reports that Bautista will star in Stuber, an action-comedy from Goon and Take Me Home Tonight director Michael Dowse. In what sounds like an updated version of Taxi, the film centers on a detective (Bautista) who commandeers an unsuspecting Uber driver named Stu into a harrowing evening of hijinks and mayhem.  The script was written by Tripper Clancy, who developed it alongside Horrible Bosses writers John Francis Daly and Jonathan Goldstein. Make of that what you will.

Bautista has actually been talking about a full-time return to the WWE but, as I mentioned earlier, that seems highly unlikely. I’m surprised he has any interest at all given the negative response to his previous run with the company, which saw him booed into oblivion every time he hit the ramp. Why go through that again?