15 Underrated Actress Performances Of 2017

Here we go! I always kick off my part of our “Best of the year” coverage with the Underrated Actresses , perhaps because it’s one of the easiest to do. Once again the number of extraordinary performances by women vastly outstrips the men; even better they’ve been roles that put women in positions of strength. A poor girl from the streets of New Jersey who decides to take over the male-dominated rap game; a British aristocrat fighting racism to be with the one she loves; a regular woman who sets aside her personal demons and unleashes a monster on the world. I can’t think of a better time for all of these great roles for women, and people shouldn’t let them slip by unnoticed.

My list this year actually includes my favorite performance of the year, period, in a movie I’ve been raving about since the first time I saw it. The first of what would be many many times watching it, actually. And to think, our own Mae Abdulbaki didn’t like it when she saw it at Sundance. For shame.  While the list isn’t in any particular order, that one I’m saving for the end because it deserves to be the cherry on top.

The goal, as always, is to shine a light on performances that struck a chord with me emotionally, showed actresses in challenging new roles, and of course, they aren’t getting too much awards buzz. Seems simple, right?

So here we go. My picks for the 15 Underrated Actress Performances of 2017.

Jessica Williams- The Incredible Jessica James

Anne Hathaway- Colossal

Abby Quinn-Landline

Laia Costa-Newness

Danielle Macdonald-Patti Cake$

Aubrey Plaza-Ingrid Goes West

Claire Foy-Breathe

Daniela Vega- A Fantastic Woman

Rooney Mara-Una

Kate Mara-Megan Leavey

Kim Ok-Bin-The Villainess

Rosamund Pike-A United Kingdom

Dafne Keen-Logan

Melanie Lynskey-I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore

Haley Lu Richardson- Columbus