‘Accident Man’ Trailer: The Next R-Rated Comic Book Movie To Get Excited About

Between Deadpool and Logan we’ve seen comic book movies take a hard turn towards the R-rated, and audiences seem to love it. Anything that provides a different take than what we get from Marvel Studios and DC Films, which tend to gear their movies towards the broadest possible audience. And now there’s another uber-violent  and uber-vulgar adaptation to get excited over, Accident Man, and I’m surprised this is one I hadn’t heard of before today.

Based on the 1991 U.K. comic Toxin, the film has a pretty sweet cast led by Scott Adkins (Doctor Strange, American Assassin), Michael Jai White (Spawn), Ray Park (X-Men), Ashley Greene (Twilight), Ray Stevenson (Punisher War Zone, Thor), and David Paymer (Drag Me to Hell).  Damn. Adkins plays Mike Fallon, a high-class hitman who specializes in making his murders look like accidents. He lives the high life with a “devil may care” attitude, but all of that changes when his peaceful ex-girlfriend is murdered, and Mike goes on a rampage to find her killer.

Accident Man is directed by Jesse Johnson and hits home release on February 6th 2018.