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‘I Saw The TV Glow’ Trailer: Justice Smith’s Reality Is Blurred By A TV Show In Jane Schoenbrun’s Buzzy Sundance Horror

I Saw the TV Glow

There was no other Sundance movie discussed more in our lodge than Jane Schoenbrun and A24’s I Saw the TV Glow. Now, I never saw it myself, but others did and some found the surreal film about two people who bond over a TV series to be utterly pointless and nonsensical. Others saw it as a clever horror-esque spin on nostalgia, loneliness, and trans identity. What’s the truth? Well, we can begin to answer that question now with the arrival of its first trailer.

The film stars Justice Smith (who had a busy Sundance with The American Society of Magical Negroes),Brigette Lundy-Paine (Bill & Ted Face the Music), Ian Foreman (Exhibiting Forgiveness), Helena Howard (Shoplifters of the World), Danielle Deadwyler (Till), and Fred Durst (!!!). There are also appearances by former TV show actors such as Amber Benson, and Pete & Pete‘s Danny Tamberelli and Michael C. Maronna. Indie rock stars Lindsey Jordan, and Haley Dahl also appear.

Emma Stone and Dave McCrary are aboard as producers, too, putting their significant muscle behind the project.

Here’s the official synopsis: Teenager Owen is just trying to make it through life in the suburbs when his classmate introduces him to a mysterious late-night TV show — a vision of a supernatural world beneath their own. In the pale glow of the television, Owen’s view of reality begins to crack.

Schoenbrun made a splash at Sundance a couple of years ago with the coming-of-age horror We’re All Going to the World’s Fair and just keeps generating buzz at the festival.

A24 will release I Saw the TV Glow into theaters on May 3rd.

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