‘Masters Of The Universe’ Live-Action Film Could Move To Amazon Next

Nostalgia is all the rage right now, and movies based on toys are bigger hits than ever. But still, there’s one project that just can’t seem to ever get going, and that’s a live-action Masters of the Universe. Talk about “Development Hell”, this project has been trapped there for more than a decade, but seemed to get going when Netflix paid a cool $30M to acquire and develop it, only to shutter it over the summer. Now it’s possible He-Man has found a new home at a rival streamer.

Variety reports that Amazon is talks to acquire Masters of the Universe and complete the movie themselves. The “tenuous” conversations depend on multiple factors. Mattel would need to sign off and they reportedly want a guarantee of a theatrical release. Directors Aaron and Adam Nee (recently of The Lost City, and now in charge of a new Lego film) would need to be negotiated with as they’ve been on the project for years. And finally, there’s a rights issue that needs to be sorted out between Mattel and NBC Universal/Dreamworks that could impact any potential sequels.

The budget for the film is said to be in the $170M range, which certainly sounds like the start of a major franchise effort. Basically, NBC Universal/Dreamworks has the rights but Mattel is free to seek a live-action feature deal, but that time runs out in 2026, which means Amazon wouldn’t have a chance to do a sequel. Mattel is negotiating an extension so that if Master of the Universe is a hit, Amazon can then keep making He-Man movies.

And what happens to West Side Story actor Kylen Allen, who was cast to play He-Man/Prince Adam? Does he stick around? Or does Amazon have an idea of their own who should star? We should get some answers soon.

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