Carnage, Love, Megan Fox and a Neo-Punk Aesthetic Populate the Action Packed Trailer for ‘Johnny & Clyde’

Let’s start by agreeing on two things; 1. The “Bonnie & Clyde” story has been done to death and 2. It will never get better then Natural Born Killers. Now that we have that out of the way we are free to enjoy the trailer for the upcoming action flick Johnny & Clyde which seems equal parts low rent and crazy fun.

My immediate thought on seeing the trailer was “Oh, wow, they’ve finally done a Bonnie and Clyde story for the LGBTQ set”, sadly that’s not the case as the Clyde in question is a certified lady. All is not lost, because what they’ve lost in progressive points they’ve made up for in pure insanity. Just about everything contained in this trailer from the juvenile peeing your pants jokes to the comically large henchman with a mall ninja battle axe looks like fun to watch.

Just a quick warning/guess for those who will see this for the Megan Fox of it all. Though she does appear somewhat heavily in the trailer and gets above the card billing, my guess is she will have slightly more then a glorified cameo as a competing assassin/criminal sent to take Johnny & Clyde down.