DC’s ‘Supergirl’ Movie With Sasha Calle Is Reportedly Dead, Too

It’s been a crazy few days over at Warner Bros. Discovery when it pertains to the DCEU. The new regime began shaking things up weeks ago, but it was the news of Batgirl‘s suprise cancellation that has sent Hollywood into a tailspin. And it’s only just the beginning. A new report from Rolling Stone now says the planned Supergirl film led by Sasha Calle is also on the chopping block.

The story, which was part of Rolling Stone’s piece on Batgirl, claims the Supergirl movie also will not be moving forward. This would also be a gigantic move, because the Supergirl role has already been cast with rising star Sasha Calle. Not only that, but the character was set to debut in The Flash, and that film is finished so she WILL exist in the DCEU.

Unless…The Flash isn’t getting released anymore, either?

That is a definite possibility given the many allegations against star Ezra Miller. WBD didn’t even bother to show any of the film at Comic-Con recently, even though it’s a place that probably would’ve been receptive.

But let’s back up a little bit, because it looks like everything that was going to happen pre-Discovery merger is being tossed aside. The casting of Calle as Supergirl came at a time when negotiations with Henry Cavill to return as Superman were going nowhere. Screenwriter Oren Uziel was hired to begin writing a Supergirl movie way back in 2018, but little has been heard about it since. Instead, we’ve heard of multiple Superman projects from different creators, while recently rumors about Cavill’s return have picked back up.

Meanwhile, you’ve also got Michael Keaton’s return as Batman, set to replace Affleck in The Flash due to it being a multiversal “reset” of the DCEU. But now he’s suddenly on the outs. Keaton’s appearance in Batgirl is obviously scrapped, his role in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has somehow reverted back to Affleck, and if The Flash is canceled too then he doesn’t exist in the DCEU at all and there is no multiverse. Does that mean Affleck is back permanently?

This is all part of a streamlining effort by WBD to maximize DC Comics projects as big-screen blockbusters, rather than HBO Max properties. This effort has already seen the cancellation of a Wonder Twins movie after casting was announced, and the move of Blue Beetle from streaming to theatrical. Expect more changes to come, especially with big investor call coming up in a few hours.

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