Ezra Miller In Hot Water At Warner Bros., Studio May “Hit Pause” On Future Projects

Warner Bros. may have finally had enough of Ezra Miller, who seems to get into trouble every time he enters a bar. Following a recent arrest in Hawaii for harassing bar patrons, and a prior incident where he reportedly choked a woman, some had questioned why he had been given a pass when others, namely Johnny Depp, have been kicked to the curb. Did it have something to do with Miller being a major star in two franchises, The Flash and Fantastic Beasts? Perhaps, but that no longer seems to be enough to shield him.

According to a major piece in Rolling Stone, Warner Bros. execs held an emergency meeting on March 30th to address Miller’s history of aggressive behavior. A source said Miller was prone to “meltdowns” on set of The Flash and that he was seen to be “losing it” during production.

As a result, WB execs are looking to hit the pause button on future projects with Miller. Just how this will go and what it could mean for his Potterverse/The Flash roles is unclear, but it just so happens WB may already have an out in both cases.

In the case of Fantastic Beasts, production has already been halted once to jettison the problematic Depp from the franchise.  Miller’s role isn’t so consequential that the same couldn’t be done to him.

And then there’s The Flash, which is introducing the Multiverse that will already see Ben Affleck replaced as Batman by Michael Keaton and, probably, Henry Cavill’s Superman replaced by Sasha Calle’s Supergirl. Could the same happen to swap out Miller as Barry Allen, and maybe introduce another actor as Wally West or Bart Allen?

Whatever the studio decides, something tells me Miller’s fate depends on how both movies perform.

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