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‘Wonder Woman’: Patty Jenkins Talks 4-Movie Plan, Won’t Direct Spinoff

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After 2017’s Wonder Woman breathed new life into the flailing DCEU, it wasn’t just automatic that Patty Jenkins would return for the sequel. It took some time for Warner Bros. and Jenkins to strike a mega-deal, which also gave her time to figure out whether a long-term commitment to a franchise is what she wanted. Well, obviously things worked out and Wonder Woman 1984 will arrive this summer. Beyond that, Jenkins has a plan in mind, but nothing is certain.

Jenkins revealed to Total Film (via GamesRadar) that she has a 4-movie plan in mind, but she isn’t sure she’ll be sticking around to direct them all. In fact, she doesn’t want to do that at all…

“I’m not going to nail down a fresh thought about it until [‘Wonder Woman 1984’] comes out, because I kind of want to give myself a palette cleanser, and be fresh of mind. But yeah, there’s an arc that I have in mind for the first movie, and then the second movie, and then the Amazon movie, and then the third movie.”

The Amazon movie she refers to is a spinoff centering on Diana’s homeland of Themyscira and the Amazonians who raised her.

“I’m not going to direct it, hopefully,” Jenkins said. “I’m going to try really hard not to. It’s not going to be easy. But [‘WW84’ co-writer and former DC Entertainment President and Chief Creative Officer] Geoff Johns and I came up with the story, and we sold the pitch, and we’re going to get it going. I’ll produce it, for sure.”

This isn’t the first time Jenkins has talked about having an entire series of films in mind, but she’s always kept a one-at-a-time mindset. It’s the same here. Wonder Woman 1984 opens in August, and with the cinematic landscape in flux nobody knows how the film will do. Until then, getting too comfortable with anything would be foolish.

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