‘Into The Spider-Verse’ Characters Could Get Spinoff Animated TV Shows

I don’t remember what Sony Pictures did for the first ten months of 2018, but the last two months were absolutely amazing. That’s when we saw Venom and the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse combine for over $1B at the box office, with the latter film even winning the Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature. Unsurprisingly, Sony is looking at new ways to spinoff all of those alternate universe Spideys, with some possibly headed to the small screen.

While we already knew of plans for a sequel centered on Miles Morales, and a spinoff following Hailee Steinfeld’s Spider-Gwen, a New York Times story from the Consumer Electronics Show says Sony is interested in animated shows featuring the other Spider-Verse characters.

Awesome. If Sony plans to bring in Nic Cage and do an adult-themed series centered on Spider-Man Noir, I’m all for it! A Spider-Ham series could be hot, too, especially if they bring in some of his other weird supporting characters like Throg the Thor frog, Nick Furry, or Goose Rider.