Alec Baldwin Will Play Thomas Wayne In Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ Movie

Like the idea of Todd Phillips’ Joker movie or not, you have to admit the casting promises something totally different than any superhero movie we’ve seen. With Joaquin Phoenix, Zazie Beetz, Robert De Niro, and Marc Maron already on board, the latest to join up is Alec Baldwin, fresh off his franchise role in Mission: Impossible-Fallout and hilarious cameo in BlacKkKlansman.

Baldwin isn’t just playing anybody, either. He’ll take on the role of Thomas Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s father and the guy whose murder inspires his son to take on the mantle of the Batman. It’s also looking as if Joker will blame the elder Wayne for the misfortune in his life, moving him to criminality and violence. This version of Wayne won’t be any elder statesman, either, as he’s described by THR as “cheesy and tanned businessman who is more in the mold of a 1980s Donald Trump.”  Donald Trump? I think that’s a part Baldwin could play in his sleep by now.

So more reason to get excited. Not only is Joker attracting top flight stars, but they’re reaching out to so many that it’s getting some high-profile rejections, like from Viggo Mortensen…