‘Fear The Walking Dead’ S4E7: “The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now”

Thanks to the holiday last week, we had a little bit of a break on Fear The Walking Dead.  But have no fear, Fear The Walking Dead is back this week and in rare form!  When we last saw everyone (in the past), there was once again a race to have resources.  Lucky for everyone at the Stadium, they were finally able to get a win in Madison’s battle of ideologies against Mel and The Vultures as they landed a score of supplies that would ensure their survival.  As we know, eventually that wasn’t going to turn out well for everyone at the stadium.  In the current timeline, Alicia, Strand, and Luciana continued their quest to enact revenge against The Vultures with John, Morgan, and Althea forced to tag along.  As there was a standoff against The Vultures, Naomi, who was with Alicia and them, turns out to have sided with The Vultures.  John had been looking for her and was happily reunited, but then Alicia takes a shot at her, hitting John instead as he jumped in the way to protect his beloved.

The episode begins with very brief quick cuts from past episodes, specifically the one that centered on Naomi and John showing them being together, only to then come to the present where John has just been shot.  Now they are in the middle of a firefight between The Vultures and our heroes.  As Naomi pulls John out of the way with Morgan’s help, Alicia continues to try and stalk her down Terminator-style.  Strand has to pull her back so she doesn’t get caught in the crossfire.  Naomi is just trying to ensure that John is safe, so when Mel tells her to pull out with the rest of the Vultures, she doesn’t go with him. She does know that Mel has medical supplies that she needs so she tries to chase after him as he’s driving away, only for his van to explode.  Alicia, having used a grenade launcher demolished the truck, and Naomi’s hopes of helping John get medical attention.  Meanwhile, Luciana and Strand are engaging other members of The Vultures in the firefight.  Luciana comes across little Charlie.  For some reason, she hesitates to take her shotgun to the little eight-year-old girl, even though she killed Nick.  However, she does kill another member of The Vultures, which allows Charlie to escape.  Althea, who has been recording the firefight on her camera and not getting involved is sitting off to the side when Morgan enlists her help to help John get some help.  Naomi knows where she can get some medical supplies, at the Stadium.  Mel has survived the explosion, only to be confronted by Alicia who asks him how long Naomi was with him.  She doesn’t even wait for his answer as she put him out of his mystery.  Althea manages to rescue Joe, Morgan, and Naomi.  Morgan even tells Charlie to come along so she won’t get killed by Alicia and them, and their off to the stadium.

In the past, everyone is starting to plant their crops at the stadium.  Thanks to their last haul, they will be able to get back to a semi-normal life.  While they won’t be able to harvest them for some time, they still have rations to keep them fed for the meantime.  Everything is looking better for them, that’s when little Charlie comes back to the stadium needing their help.  Now, they should have shoved that little turncoat brat out as soon as she came, but Madison and everyone are the forgiving types.  Charlie tells them about an injured Mel.  They take both Charlie and Mel inside.

As Naomi is treating Mel, he warns them that it’s not he who they should worry about.  Instead, the real threat is other members of The Vultures, who aren’t too happy about them being able to sustain themselves at the stadium.  They want to now take it by force.  As evidenced by Mel’s injury, there has been a disagreement within the ranks of The Vultures.  Mel doesn’t want to stay there as he knows an attack is coming.  He just wants to get Charlie and flee the upcoming onslaught.  He even tries to take a knife to Naomi’s throat, only for her to use her nursing skills to bunch him in his badly bruised chest.  But she knows that Mel’s not wrong when he says that the stadium will fall.  Naomi even tries to convince Madison that they should leave, but she’s fought too hard to keep this place and will not abandon it.

Madison has everyone fortify the community for the upcoming attack.  They have enough guns to hold people off, so she believes they will survive it.  Mel asks that he and Charlie be able to leave.  She grants him to leave, but says that Charlie will stay at the stadium with her.  She even gives him a walkie-talkie and limited supplies.  Charlie, who is still very fond of Mell asks Alicia and Nick to do something about it as she knows he’s not in the position to survive on his own.  They realize it’s the right thing to do, so they go out searching for Mel.

Of course, The Vultures are ready for their attack.  All those trucks that they have been loading zombies on are now being put to good use.  Nick and Alicia find Mel and try to take him back to the stadium, but they are surrounded by the trucks, which they have now opened the back out of them and unleashed the zombies to take down the stadium.  The zombies quickly surround their car.  Madison is frantic as she can only helplessly watch hordes of zombies surround them.  Madison decides to go outside and rescue her children, Luciana and Strand also accompany her.

In the present, Naomi leads them to the stadium to get some supplies.  However, the stadium is a shell of its former self.  As they drive her SWAT van through the gates, they see that it’s been overrun with zombies.  Looks like the stadium has fallen!

Next week, on the mid-season finale, we get to see what happened to the stadium and hopefully find out Madison’s fate in the present.