Mel Gibson & Frank Grillo To Star In Joe Carnahan’s ‘Source Code’-esque ‘Boss Level’

While Mel Gibson just had one of the biggest openings of his career with Daddy’s Home 2, and has been allowed back into the Oscars with Hacksaw Ridge, the film that felt the most like old school Gibson for me was Blood Father. The gritty action flick proved that Gibson is still a badass when it counts, and now it looks like he’ll get to show it once again. He’s set to star alongside another screen ass-kicker, Frank Grillo, in Boss Level, which sounds like it shares the same DNA as Source Code and Edge of Tomorrow.

You know what that means; someone is going to be reliving the day of their death over and over again. In this case it’s a retired special forces agent who is stuck in the time loop, and in order to stop it he must discover who is responsible. Behind the camera will be Joe Carnahan, having also penned the screenplay.

Sounds like a pretty sweet trio, and I’m hoping we get to see Gibon and Grillo square off.  Gibson is back in the mainstream and Grillo is quietly having a career year. He’s just coming off the worldwide box office phenomenon Wolf Warrior II and the Netflix thriller Wheelman, and seems to be more in demand than ever. Shooting on Boss Level is to kick off next year.  [Deadline]